Finishing and Painting

Paints as well as finishes are a good way of providing extended protection to different kinds of surfaces also they are used for the purpose of decoration because they highlight the visual appeal and charm of the surface on which these products are applied. However, it is an important point that for availing the best results related with the application of paints you must be aware of the right kind of tools, technique as well as accessories, which are needed for making the end result a success. Proper planning is always important and main key to success in all cases.

Majority of paints normally are present inside generalized categories of gloss, eggshell or semi-gloss. In accordance with the surface that has to be painted you may have to deal with the application of first coat or primer. However, if you are new to this practice, then it is best to move ahead only in the guidance of an expert.

As far as decorative finish is concerned the selection of right kind of basic coats is very much important because this will not only give a lasting quality to the paint, but also visually it will look great.


Primer is one great material that can be used for providing an excellent finish to your surfaces. It is generally applied on newly build surfaces that are uncoated as the main job of primer is to extend protection also it provides a very good foundation for the application of paints in future. Different kinds of primers are also available like there are, water based as well as oil based primers present. Conventionally old painting experts prefer to use oil based primers. As far as plaster or masonry is concerned generally a latex coat that has been diluted using ten percent water is used. However, if the basic surface is powdery, then stabilizing solution will be needed. Specialized primers for other different surfaces such as tiles are also present.

Initial Coat

This is normally used for the purpose of building of opacities below finished coats. One should utilize first paler coat below the pale finished coats and darker initial coat below the darker finish. Generally majority of oil based coats can be applied upon interior as well as exterior of a surface. There are also exterior initial coats present which will show longer lives even when exposed to harsh conditions. Normally the water based paints are used in majority of coats as they are known for providing smoother coverage.

Finish Coat

After the application of base coats it comes the turn of decorative finishes. Let’s discuss the main types of finish coats.