Plumbing and Drainage

In the modern world the systematic and orderly placement of the pipelines system for supply of water as well as waste materials is of significant value and along with this, the importance of drainage and plumbing equipment also comes into highlight.

Plumbing and Drainage

In simple words we can define plumbing as a skilled practice, which has the inclusion of different matters that are related with the practice of installation, maintenance as well as repair of the systems related with water disposal. Plumber is typically a person who has skills that are considered as important for managing and repairing of plumbing systems. The services offered by these professionals are normally needed for installation and repairing of the pipe systems, equipment and fixtures of plumbing. It will not be wrong to mention here that plumbing industry is one of the most important requirements of modern era because the need for its products will continue to be imposed as long as human desire to get clean water and a proper system for the collection as well as transportation of wastes is present. The drainage systems also enjoy equal importance because they ensure that a clean and healthy environment is maintained by directing waste products away from the main human settlements.


When it is about installation of plumbing in a new house then there are three basic components which are as follow
• Drainage system
• Water Supply system
• Fixture set

In majority of commodities there are defined laws present which dictate that only a licensed plumber has the authority of installing plumbing or the homeowner needs to work under supervision of a qualified plumber if he aims to install plumbing on his own. In addition to this, native codes define the standard procedures related with plumbing, but the important point to consider here is that placement of fixture, size of pipe and the pipe routing diagram inside a new home is something that is more dependent upon the individualized layout of a house.

The time table

The accommodation stub is normally set prior to the setting of foundation of concrete, but the major portion of plumbing work is done later. Rough in phase of plumbing that takes place in association with duct installation and wiring is done after the completion of framing, but prior to the hanging of drywall. This is basically time for installation of main drain in floor and for connecting these with stack. There is also rough in drain fittings installation for tubs and sinks. This is also the right time for installation of water supply pipes and setting of flanges of toilet.